Game Prototypes
Written by Hoffmann - Wednesday, 24 April 2013 17:37

In Challans we created several playable prototypes for board games.

Euro Jumper
Written by Hoffmann - Wednesday, 24 April 2013 17:37

Euro Jumper: Rules of the Game

  • The game can be played by 4 or more players.
  • Each player has one counter.
  • You start in Scotland, proceed to France & Germany and finish in Italy.
  • The player who finishes first wins.
  • The object of the game is to correctly answer the questions and proceed on the designed path.
  • Questions are split up into two categories: geography and history.
  • After ten stops you reach a checkpoint where you have to draw a chance card and answer the question. If your answer is correct, you can move two stops forwards; if not, you remain on the check point and carry on from there when it's your turn again.
  • Start of the game: Each player throws the dice, and the player who gets the highest number begins.
  • The players continue clockwise. They throw the dice in turn and can move forwards as many stops as the dice shows.
  • Now the player has to draw a Question Card, either of the category history or geography, and answer the question.
  • If the player answers the question correctly, he throws the dice again and move forwards; if the player's answer is incorrect, the player is not allowed to move forwards.

Equipment to play the game: